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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Geronimo is a truly modular application server. It can be build to run any particular war or ear with only the components that it needs. If your application is not running jms then build geronimo without activemq. If it is not using ejb then build it without openejb. This allows for a leaner faster application server, customized to run only the components that are needed.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Geronimo blogging is back, Andromda, MapServer, and Jetspeed news will follow. This is a list of some important modules built during the 'maven new' compile.

Geronimo :: Kernel
Geronimo :: Common
Geronimo :: Util
Geronimo :: System
Geronimo :: Deployment
Geronimo :: Core
Geronimo :: Management API

The first interesting thing to look at apart from the architecture which includes Kernel and Core, is the Management API. This programming interface allows you to control all GBeans installed in the system.

Geronimo :: J2EE
Geronimo :: J2EE Schema
Geronimo :: Service :: Builder
Geronimo :: Maven Dependency Plugin
Geronimo :: Security

Then checkout Security. All the standards are here JAAS and JACC.

Geronimo :: Web Services
Geronimo :: Axis
Geronimo :: Mail
Geronimo :: Deploy :: Common Config
Geronimo :: Test :: DDBeans
Geronimo :: Naming
Geronimo :: Security :: Builder
Geronimo :: J2EE
Geronimo :: Naming :: Builder
Geronimo :: Web :: Builder
Geronimo :: Transaction
Geronimo :: Connector
Geronimo :: Tomcat
Geronimo :: Connector :: Builder
Geronimo :: Axis :: Builder
Geronimo :: Tomcat :: Builder
Geronimo :: Derby
Geronimo :: Jetty
Geronimo :: Timer
Geronimo :: Client
Geronimo :: Client Builder
Geronimo :: Scripts
Geronimo :: Session
Geronimo :: Deploy :: JSR-88
Geronimo :: Jetty :: Builder
Geronimo :: Activation
Geronimo :: Configuration Converter
Geronimo :: Console Web
Geronimo :: JMX Remoting
Geronimo :: Installer Support
Geronimo :: JavaMail Transport
Geronimo :: Deploy :: CLI Tool
Geronimo :: Directory
Geronimo :: Installer Processing
Geronimo :: Deploy :: Hot Deployer
Geronimo :: Maven Deployment Plugin
Geronimo :: Maven Assembly Plugin
Geronimo :: IZPack Installer Build Plugin
Geronimo :: Maven Packaging Plugin