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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Overview (UML 1.4 with Diagram Interchange API) is a OMG standard.
Much of the Agentis Platform is based on open source projects. These include Ant, JBoss, CVS, CruiseControl, and NetBeans.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

These are keywords that I obtained from James Odell's paper, UML 2.0 and Agents: How to Build Agent-based Systems with the new UML Standard.

Software methodology = modeling language + software process

Agent technology software system characteristics = situation awarness + intelligent behavior + distributed + mobility + nomadic users

SODA = Societies in Open Distributed Agent spaces = agent societies + agent environments + inter-agent aspects.

Agent methodology = external viewpoint (Services Purpose and Responsibitities) + internal viewpoint (Beliefs Goals and Plans).

See MESSAGE, Tropos, Prometheus, and JACK.

See section 3.1 of James Odell's paper.

MDA is the process of converting UML to an deployable application.

The UML models that are used by MDA are in two categories. Structural Diagrams = Static Aspects. Behavioral Diagrams = Dynamic Aspects.

Structural Diagrams = class + object + composition + component + deployment
Behavioral Diagrams = use case + activity + state + sequence + communication + interaction

Generating deployable applications is the final stage of MDA. It requires these models: Computational Independent Model (CIM), Platform Independent Model (PIM), and the Platform Specific Model (PSM). These are the models created during generation. See AndroMDA for more information on MDA. See Agentis for more information on Agent technology.
The FIPA Abstract Architecture for Agent technolgies is the recomended reference for the Java specification request (JSR) for Java Agent Services.
A list of tools and resources related to UML 2.0 and Agent technology, AUML Web Site
I just met James Odell and I read one of his papers on Agent technology. Some key words that apply to Agent technology are People Groups Roles Organisation Issues Events Ontology Emersion Cohesion and Coupling. UML 2.0 can be used to express Agent oriented systems using the the latest diagrams and extensions. See his most recent paper. James Odell--Publications
This series is on Agent technology, a branch of Artificial Intelligence. These are some sites I know that reference Agents : Open Directory - Computers: Artificial Intelligence: Agents, http://www.objs.com/agent/

Friday, April 15, 2005

Get to know Geronimo Architecture. See Architecture - Geronimo Wiki
Geronimo security, Security - Geronimo Wiki
Read this book on Geronimo, Chariot Solutions | J2EE Architects | Apache Geronimo documentation
I just read about the CMP implementation. Things to not is that cardinal relationships are supported, auto generation of primary keys, TranQL is the intermediate framework between OpenEJB and the underlying database. a connection factory is configured using the cmp-connection-factory. See Working with Enterprise JavaBeans - Geronimo Wiki
The last look at this page reveals CMP guide lines for Geronimo, Working with Enterprise JavaBeans - Geronimo Wiki
This are the J2EE naming conventions used by Geronimo, Naming - Geronimo Wiki
Logging the Geronimo server is most important if you want to find those bugs, Logging - Geronimo Wiki
Geronimo uses the MX4J implementation of the Java Managment Extension. Here is a utility for working with GBeans, JMXUtil (Geronimo :: Kernel 1.0-SNAPSHOT API)
Geronimo has a kernel and obviously this is where it is documented, org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config (Geronimo :: Kernel 1.0-SNAPSHOT API)
org.apache.geronimo.gbean (Geronimo :: Kernel 1.0-SNAPSHOT API), the javadoc for GBeans.
Some key Open Source developers seem to be working for Chariot Solutions | J2EE Architects | Home. Projects include Geronimo, JBoss, Jetspeed.
I met Bob McWhirter at ApacheCon 2004. Take a look at the latest thing he is doing. OpenXource: Crossings: Latest
Using the ActiveMQ embedded broker. See ActiveMQ - How do I embed a Broker inside a Connection
ActiveMQ features include a list of protocols used to determine the transport mechanism. See ActiveMQ - Protocols
Building ActiveMQ to test the peer environment from laptops producing and consuming purchase orders regardless of being connected to the Internet. JMS solution uses the peer and reliable protocol provided by ActiveMQ.

Testing requires SVN, Java, Maven, and the ActiveMQ source code. These are the quick start commands,

svn co svn://svn.activemq.org/activemq/scm/trunk/activemq
cd activemq
cd modules/assembly
maven server
maven producer
maven consumer

More to come on customizing and integrating this configuration.

References :


Friday, April 08, 2005

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

IconBAZAAR is classic. It is nice to see that it is still alive.
There is a JMS sample provided in the Gluecode Software | Geronimo Documentation & Samples distribution.
Deployment - Geronimo Wiki contains sample deployment commands.
Running - Geronimo Wiki lists the optional Config IDs used when starting Geronimo.

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