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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

These are keywords that I obtained from James Odell's paper, UML 2.0 and Agents: How to Build Agent-based Systems with the new UML Standard.

Software methodology = modeling language + software process

Agent technology software system characteristics = situation awarness + intelligent behavior + distributed + mobility + nomadic users

SODA = Societies in Open Distributed Agent spaces = agent societies + agent environments + inter-agent aspects.

Agent methodology = external viewpoint (Services Purpose and Responsibitities) + internal viewpoint (Beliefs Goals and Plans).

See MESSAGE, Tropos, Prometheus, and JACK.

See section 3.1 of James Odell's paper.

MDA is the process of converting UML to an deployable application.

The UML models that are used by MDA are in two categories. Structural Diagrams = Static Aspects. Behavioral Diagrams = Dynamic Aspects.

Structural Diagrams = class + object + composition + component + deployment
Behavioral Diagrams = use case + activity + state + sequence + communication + interaction

Generating deployable applications is the final stage of MDA. It requires these models: Computational Independent Model (CIM), Platform Independent Model (PIM), and the Platform Specific Model (PSM). These are the models created during generation. See AndroMDA for more information on MDA. See Agentis for more information on Agent technology.

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