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Monday, November 14, 2005

Clarify the following skin, theme, layout-decorator, portlet-decorator.
I'm thinking about Jetspeed documentation. Correct me if I'm wrong, it sucks, so what can be done about it. Here are things that can be done by Users, Developers, and Administrators.

User can CustomizeTheLayout, CustomizeTheStyle, CustomizeTemplates, CreatePages, CreateFolders, CreateSeparators, and CreateLinks.

Developers can WritePortlets, ConfigurePortlets, WriteLayouts, WriteStyles, as well as anything a user can do.

Administrators can InstallJetspeed, OptimizeJetspeed, ClusterJetspeed, CreateUsers, CreateGroups, and CreateRoles. As well as anything a user or developer can do. They are extremely lazy people who often say "That's the developers job".
[#JS2-188] Implement the LDAP - ASF JIRA summarizes the development of LDAP authentication and authorization.

Another important feature of Jetspeed is its ability to integrate with Apache Derby.
The Jetspeed issue tracker, Browse Project - ASF JIRA, provides quick access to outstanding, resolved, added, updated, and important bugs.

The most significant recently added to jetspeed are translations, portlet api compliance, statistics and page manager implementations.
A quick thing that anyone can do with Jetspeed is change the Page, Link, PageSecurity, FolderMetadata in the JS2_SOURCE/src/webapp/WEB-INF/pages/ directory.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Installing wifi card on my toshiba 1800-100 with suse 10.0 and ndiswrapper. The card is a Belkin 54g "High-Speed Mode Wireless G Notebook Network Card" model number is f5d7011. The ndiswrapper package version 1.5 requires the kernel sources and gcc which were not installed by default by suse 10.0.

Just follow the ndiswrapper guide and it should work.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A MapServer portlet requires the following elements:
  • MapServer Software
  • Geographic Data
  • MapServer Configuration
  • Apache Portlet Bridge for MapServer
  • Jetspeed Configuration
MapServer Software
MapServer is a C program therfore you must obtain the proper version for your target operating system. Linux and Unix users will find that downloading the source and compiling it is the simplest alternative. Listed here are links to MapServer source and its required dependencies. Build each of these packages using the ./configure, make, and sudo make install commands. Building MapServer will tell you which dependencies are missing on your system.

MapServer-4.6.1 source code
GD-2.0.33 source code
Freetype-2.1.10 source code
Jpeg-6b source code
Png-1.2.8 source code

Windows users can use the ms4w package provided by maptools.org.

Mac OS users will find help here.

Geographic Data
The MapServer demo includes some sample geographic data.

MapServer Configuration
MapServer is configured using a MapFile. The demo configuration file is itasca.map.

Apache Portal Bridge for MapServer
A contribution to the Apache Portal Bridges project yeilded a component capable of executing the MapServer program. This bridge uses the portlet initalization parameters to determine the inital map. MapScript for Java is on the roadmap.

Jetspeed Configuration
A simple modification to any existing portlet.xml is enough to deploy a new MapServer map. See the attachment in the Jira issue.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I just realized the best way to trick google into better reference. That is to publish multiple formats of the same document. Word, OpenOffice, PDF, TXT, RTF. Give me credit if you use this method.